Do you remember when you had little ones and everyone told you if you blinked, the time would fly by?  I am not sure if I completely agree, but I think after your kids hit 5 then things start to really get moving.  Then the parents of teenagers would also look at you and tell you to enjoy the younger years, because they are easier.  These two statements may not be what most bleary eyed, ragged feeling, when is the last time I peed alone ..,,moms of young ones really want to hear.  Because that time is hard, it is long, and it is exhausting.  I was there and I don’t really want to go back, because I know that with the good times comes that exhaustion and all the limits for yourself.  I mean we can calmly go out to dinner with the family or grocery shop together.  We can even vacation on a whim, but life does get harder doesn’t it? 

My friend just posted a flashback to her kids sitting as toddlers eating cut fruit.  It reminded me of the simplicity of when my children were young.  I was a stay at home mom at the time and my friend’s cut fruit brought me joy.  Sitting at her counter while the kids ran around playing having cut fruit, pita chips, and hummus was my joy. Everyone was truly content and days like this didn’t drag.

Now that the years are flying, I think back fondly on those moments. I don’t yearn to go back, but I remember the simplicity.  The times where my entire day could be changed entirely by what episode of Dora came on at 6:30.  Now there are tough decisions ahead. As my kids spread their wings and gain independence, how they succeed or fail will reflect back on me and the choices I have made as a parent. Yet I know that in a few years, I will be looking back on this time in parenting and thinking about how simple it was. The teen years are on the horizon, I am bracing myself! 


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  1. Blink, poof, we have a college graduate as if yesterday, one who just finished up his first year of college, one waiting to get his license in a few months and our youngest will be 12 in 3 weeks. Like when did that all happen???

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