My history with Box Tops includes a great deal of sarcasm, some careless clipping, and a whole slew of appreciation for what they stand for. You can read about our history here.

Box Tops are a great way for schools to collect funds. Grandparents around the country have spent countless hours clipping and sending, in fact I have a nicely clipped selection courtesy of our grandparents right in our kitchen drawer. Now that’s all changing and I don’t think for the better. Instead of clipping the Box Tops , download an app, create an account, select your school, take a picture of your receipt, and hope the photo identifies the items eligible for credit.

I thought before bashing the new system, I’d put it to the test. So I did all the steps above and as luck would have it we had a receipt from today’s shopping trip with a qualifying item on it. So I took the picture and submitted. They app said I had no qualifying items, so it took it again with the same result. Then I had to mark in a form the item that should have qualified. Now we wait up to ten days to see if they’ll credit my daughter’s Elementary school the 10 cents.

The issue lies in the amount we will now be collecting. The chance of my children’s grandparents completing the steps necessary to submit Box Tops now became almost zero. From my family alone that costs at least $10-$20 in free funds a year. Multiply that by $500 and the impact on schools could really be felt.

Let’s hope that the Box Tops “people” catch on quickly to the fact that this may not be what’s best for schools.


They Have Ruined Box Tops — 1 Comment

  1. I totally agree!! I haven’t had any luck submitting them with the new system. I’m sure all the PTA/PTO Mom’s who have had to sit for hours cutting and counting and packaging and sending them probably think that the new system is fabulous, I definitely think that without all that hard work on their part being necessary, schools will not receive nearly as much money from this program.

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