When is the last time you felt pure peace and joy for an entire week? Weekend? Day? Hour?  When the children were little, they went each summer to a Vacation Bible School. Each day the hundreds of children would share what they called God Sightings. “ I saw a rainbow after the storm last night.” “I saw a baby deer in my yard.” “ I saw a cloud that looked like an ice cream cone.”  Each day they’d share these little things in our world where they’d found beauty. 

At some point in life, we lose those crystal clear eyes for the simple amazement in our world. While we may have moments, we don’t live in them. The anxieties, worries, and responsibilities create cataracts over our vision of beauty clouding out those simple pleasures.  It’s fairly often at night when the whole house is asleep, that the worry falls upon me rendering resistant to rest. While worry is fruitless and holds no benefit, it is equally powerful. So powerful it can cause physical symptoms, for example my sore jaw and ground down teeth. For my friends it manifests into stomach cramps and stuff necks. 

Do you ever have moments that remind you that you should live in peace and hope, but not worry? I am often motivated by others’ stories about living for the day and enjoying the gifts that you have right now.  While anxiety can’t easily be shooed away,  maybe we can make it a point to try to let joy in instead and try to see things through clear eyes. 


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