It starts on a joyous day in early December where you bring out all the decorations and get ready for the holiday. You cut down the tree, bring it in admiring its splendor, enjoying wafts of delightful smells. The children are as eager as elves to decorate and when it’s all done it brings magic and joy. All month long we love sitting by the tree all lit at night. It’s so incredibly peaceful ….

Then suddenly it is December 26th, there’s still delight but the tree starts to whisper … “It’s coming soon, you will need me down soon.”  The next day you notice stray needles creeping out everywhere and by the 30th, it’s time!  You wake up and starting dedecking the tree. The early December elves seem much less interested and they vanish until you find yourself likely alone wrapping up those precious keepsake ornaments cursing about why you have so damn many. Once my husband and I finally get the tree done, the last bit of water sloshes from the stand, and the needles shoot everywhere!  

Now it’s time for clean up. Once you jam the vacuum and try to sweep with a broom on the carpeted floor, you realize you ought to just pick up the two thousand needles by hand. You call the elves in for back up and they grump their way in to help.  Finally after a quick vacuum repair, you get as many needles up as you can and just call the rest officially part of the carpet. It’s over… and you will do it all again next year because there’s nothing quite like a real tree and in eleven months you will all be eager elves once again. 


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