The flu is everywhere and as a public school teacher with children who go to public school, can we really hide? Since we are overexposed all week, we tried this weekend to stay close to home to avoid extra germs. Yes, we’d have loved to go to the movies or bowling or roller skating but… risk vs. gain.   

So with a full day at home, we needed to do more than watch movies. Yes, we did that too.  So I challenged the kids to come up with a dinner menu to cook complete with dessert. Then we headed out shopping (an unavoidable task). 

Well since my fancy pants son picked a rib roast and his frugal mom picked Aldi, we had to compromise on finding their best cut of beef. So a top round roast it was!  He found a simple recipe and prepared it easily, along with garlic green beans, and some ultra fancy instant mashed potatoes. We got some locally grown shiitake mushrooms for my husband to make it a bit fancier. 

It came out tasty and kept their minds busy. 

It was delicious and you have to love our favorite plates!!! 

Next up crepes with homemade whipped cream and strawberries. 


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