I am a teacher who is  actually quite good at Math, but I admit that sometimes Math homework stumps me.  Blame it on the Common Core or “New Math” or just blame it on the fact that there are some things you don’t use enough to retain.  We had been taking to the internet for help, but in the vastness of where you could be led it became a bit of a time suck.


In one of the many online Usborne parties I have been attending lately, I came across the Usborne Illustrated Math Dictionary.  I felt it was an ideal purchase as I could use it both at home and when I substitute teach. It only ran $12.99 which is about how much it costs me for lunch and a drink at Panera.  There is a set that includes all stages of Math development as well for $35.99, which will take you right through Algebra!



My son who is in third grade is now doing homework independently as much as possible.  We have kept the Math Dictionary with our supplies to pull out as needed.  I was prompted to write this post as it has only been one week of homework and we have pulled out the dictionary twice.  Never again will you need to scour the internet to find out if a rhombus has equal sides, or that one gallon equals 8 pints, or what the difference is between mean and median! My son is able to navigate the book very easily using the index to find reference pages.


The pages are colorful and provide an excellent balance between illustrations and words.


Usborne products are so amazing that I am half tempted to buy the kit as my obsession with books runs deep.  For now, I am hosting an online efair with my friend who recently signed up as a consultant.


This week I will feature two other amazing books that I purchased for my children through Usborne.   Katey is offering free shipping on any order totaling $75 or more.  You must contact her directly to receive this discount which can be done through her site.



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