When my friend in New Jersey posted about What a Crock Meals in August, I immediately had my interest sparked.  It was back to school time, which as a teacher is an especially difficult time of year for me.  So I thought I would check it out once she gave some feedback and last week during my first full week of school, I was glad I had.



What the Crock is a local business based out of the Philadelphia area, but delivers nationally.  Their chefs create meals with fresh ingredients and free of preservatives. I was able to get our ordered shipped to me free once I spent $99, which is not much to spend when you considered the cost of take out.  It was my goal to eliminate not only the stress of figuring out what to make, but also to cut out extra spending on the less than ideal take out options in my direct area.  We got together as a family and selected a variety of meals.  A single portion which costs between $9-$13, can feed two lighter eaters.


We purchased a variety of meals and spent about $125.  That will cover us for 6-8 dinners and leftovers for lunch.  So it is less than $20 for 4 people per meal, with leftovers for my lunches.  Last week the four of us split two meals of brisket paired, which was full of meat and veggies.  We added our own fresh corn and noodles.  That meal fed us all and I had three days of delicious lunches for the week as well.

The meals come frozen and can either be placed in the refrigerator to defrost or frozen for future use.  We choose to freeze ours and use one or two a week over the next month before we reorder.  You can either empty the contents of the bag into the crock pot or boil most meals which takes a shorter time.  I highly recommend this service for those looking for a meal ready at home after a long day.  It’s perfect to give to other families when they are in need of meal coverage, plus they even sell premade dips that be pulled out to take to a party!   Check out What a Crock Meals and use coupon code SB2515 for $25 off $150.


This is not a sponsored post, just an honest opinion of a great experience.


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