I remember it clearly even though seven years had gone by. We had ended up at Target unplanned and I didn’t have my coupons. I hadn’t devised a shopping list and I felt stifled. I was thick into extreme couponing and had whittled down our weekly groceries to between $40-$70 a week. I had coupled that with match ups at Target and CVS , where I was paying next to nothing for all our toiletries and household supplies.

When I found myself shopping without having access to extreme savings, I felt extremely anxious. This happened a few times over the next few months and that’s when I realized that I needed to back off and let go of the couponing lifestyle. Fast forward seven years later and I still love a great deal. I absolutely live for saving money for not only myself, but my readers too! So when it came time to plan our NYC trip, I felt like that young stay at home mom at Target without her coupon binder. A deal just wasn’t anywhere to be found. While hotel prices came in somewhat reasonable by hotel standards in NYC, Travelzoo and all my other sources didn’t get me to that next level. The level that gets you a suite or free breakfast included at a great rate.

So what’s a girl to do when the deal just doesn’t exist even after extensive searching… you go anyway. You find somewhere special and spend the money because you will save it somewhere else. Then you let go. While deals are wonderful, experiences are even better!

Where my kids dream of staying… haha!!


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