I want to tell you that our family’s motto is “Have Fun” or “Live Life to the Fullest” or how about “Always Act in Love.”  It became increasingly more apparent as the blizzard loomed that we are and always will be the “Be Prepared” family.  The tub is filled with water, our shelves are stocked, and we own both a plow and snow blower. While we don’t have a whole house generator, we have one that will run our fridge. 

The kids are charging all their electronics in case we lose power. Oh, plus they are walking about with flashlights. I am busy making comfort food as my husband starts to clear the snow from the roof. So while I dream that we should be something else, the reality is if you need a cup of sugar, an egg, or ten flashlights … we are your people. We are the PREPARED FAMILY! 


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