Yesterday the air was crisp and fresh. We had a glorious time outside and when the sun peeked out enough and the kids ran hard enough, we considered pulling back the cover on the pool. Then the breeze would fly through and we’d quickly change our minds.  It’s been a hot summer, I have not worn my jeans once. Usually on a cool evening, I’d change but it hasn’t happened even once since June. 

While the kids are starting to show signs of school readiness such as whining, arguing, and  laziness they aren’t truly ready to let go. I have spent a good bit of the last three weeks preparing for my own return to the classroom. The idea of packing lunches, setting alarms, completing homework,and rushing around to soccer after school each day seems daunting. 

Yesterday was a gentle reminder that soon the pool will close, the jeans will return, and we will switch from lemonade to apple cider. Change is needed, change can be hard. For today we will hold on to these last few days and enjoy our moments of  unstructured enjoyment. 

The saddest family member for the upcoming change is our dog, who is in for a big surprise and lots of loneliness next week. 


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