Porcelain and glass are both fragile, one wrong move and they could shatter in to thousands of tiny pieces that can’t be built back up. When I was a mom to young children, much of my days were spent trying to keep from breaking into a million pieces.  Each day I woke up more exhausted from another night of lost sleep and tried to make it happily through the days. 

I learned how to balance priorities and let things like getting rest or having a neat home go so I could find joy in my life home with my little ones. Even though most days I was one wrong turn or slip away from breaking into pieces, I was able to maintain and move through life. That is until twice a year it was time change. Take a breakable Mom exhausted from years of sleep deprivation and throw in a momenumental wrench in an already strained sleep routine and …. you have chaos.  

So today I am thankful that when the clocks change tonight and my youngest decides to wake up far earlier than she’d imagine to any weekday, I can simply send her on her way to entertain herself. I am no longer in the glass or porcelain stage of parenting, but for those that are, you are in my thoughts! 


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