This is it folks, it’s work and then practices or games and homework then get the house together and collapse. Rinse and repeat. Some nights it’s 8:30 before I am sitting still in my house. I am sure it’s the same at your homes too.

This year I decided to say yes. Yes to three teams for one child and two for the other. I’ve held off for a lot of years, but decided that this year I’d allow for multiple activities. So it’s a scheduling nightmare most nights that results then in homework battles with tired kids or at least one kid who is strong willed times ten.

Oh and it’s been a lot of terrible dinners. Tonight for instance … Wendy’s , which paled in comparison to last night’s surprisingly delicious snack stand dinner. In two weeks we drop from 5 teams to two so I promise to write more then. Until then, you can catch me in the drive through….


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