The year was 2001 and I was a young, single professional teaching outside Philadelphia.  We received news that everyone was getting a tax rebate. A few extra hundred dollars to spend was thrilling and so I decided to whiten my teeth upon the suggestion of my dentist.  It worked great, but then suddenly 17 years had passed me by in a flash.  I was now a middle aged mom of two school aged children teaching in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  My teeth were no longer looking so sparkly and though I had dabbled with strips and the idea of a whitening from the dentist, nothing stuck and so my teeth became a shade or two closer to eggshell than pure white.

My smile was actually starting to bother me, but then the days kept passing in the sea of chaos which is now my life. For moments when passing by a mirror,  I would notice and remember. I looked at my other middle aged busy working mom friends and they seemed to all have white teeth with very little lean toward egg shell.  Then one day, I was contacted about trying Smile Brilliant and I thought to myself here is the chance to take the time and fix what is bothering you.

When my kit came, it was quite easy to make my molds.  The was one issue… I had a temporary crown in place and so I get a little hesitant with pulling my top one out and it created an unsatisfactory mold.  Smile Brilliant was super about sending a new mold to form along with my properly formed bottom mold. At this point the crown was cemented in and so I made the molds perfectly.  I simply sent back my now acceptable molds and waited for my custom fitted whitening trays.


When the trays arrived, I was amazed at just how tightly the trays fit while being extremely thin and comfortable.  Smile Brilliant provides both the whitening gel which can be used from 45 minutes to 3 hours. I generally used my trays for an hour and a half at night after I was done eating and drinking anything for the day.  Then follow with the desensitizing gel for 15 minutes.  This worked wonderfully for me, because I have extremely sensitive teeth.  In fact, the one time I tried a strip whitener I had to give it up due to extreme discomfort.  I didn’t have that problem with Smile Brilliant. These trays provide a tight fit that removes deep down staining.

It took a few weeks to get my whitening done, because we just were constantly busy and not home enough to really get a good two hour window for the whitening process.  When I used Smile Brilliant, it was quite comfortable. I was able to easily speak with the trays in and even read bedtime stories without my daughter noticing. At the completion of m y whitening experience, I feel much better about my smile.   It feels like a brighter and more consistent smile. It provides me with a feeling of confidence about my appearance and it was certainly worth the time and effort!

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Smile Brilliant has been a worthwhile product for at home whitening.  I loved the tight fitting trays and the ability to whiten without enhancing my sensitivity.  You too can try Smile Brilliant for 20% off using the coupon code crumbsinthecouch20.  Also Smile Brilliant is offering one reader of Crumbs in the Couch a complete whitening kit!  Don’t put off improving your smile another moment!  Enter here!


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