Mother’s Day can really suck, so much so you want to skip right over it. I’m not denying it’s wonderful to get beautiful homemade gifts, breakfast in bed, that fluffy new robe you’d been asking for… We deserve this special day and heck we deserve recognition certainly more than once a year.

When your nine year old yells in your face first thing on Mother’s Day, that hurts ten times more. That reaches to your deepest insecurities and the voice inside says, “What kind of mother are you to have your Mother’s Day start like this?” When your kids whine and don’t want to grocery shop or help you put the groceries away, it’s worse than last Sunday because what kind of kids treat you like this on Mother’s Day. When you have to still vacuum, pack the lunches, do the laundry , and meal prep because you have a long work week ahead and Sundays don’t become Saturdays just because it’s Mother’s Day. Every darn dish you put away urges along the resentment in you.

I think we are all imagining that the other mothers are out getting pampered and spoiled. Ladies most are not. I know from friends that some got nothing, others had fights with their spouses, some were up with their children by 3:30, some were puked on, and others threatened to drive away all alone and never look back.

It’s a day that reminds you that mothering is hard and often thankless, even on a day reserved for “special treatment!” So to all the moms out there, I see you and know how hard you work behind the scenes. I know you love and find joy in your children. I also know that Mother’s Day can put undo pressures and expectations on us. For all that have had the picture perfect version, good for you because you do deserve it. The rest of us will try again next year.


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