The countdown started at day one, only 179 more days of school to go. In all seriousness, the last 30 we really count down. The flowers are blooming, the air is finally warmer, the spring sports are running late and we are all pretty ready to wrap up school.

I am excited for summer, but yet I want to cry. I am not an overly sappy teacher, but I care deeply about my students. I set really high expectations and somehow my students rise daily to those challenges. Most of my students are learning disabled and that means school has never been easy for any of them. This year in particular, I had a large group of second graders reading considerably below level. They had a big job ahead of them to improve their reading and writing. There were times that it hardly seemed attainable. There were times my assistants and I felt like banging our heads on the way or throwing our hands up in defeat, but everyone pressed on.

We read every day even when it meant as many as 9 reading groups, we worked on spelling the most basic words, writing a simple sentence, we tapped out sounds, blended sounds, we read aloud to keep up with expanding vocabulary, and pressed on and on. Last week we celebrated 6 of the 7 students reading chapter books!

This to me is what my job is all about, that next year they can sit side by side with their peers with a chapter book in their hands. That they made more than a year’s growth in less than a year is something I hope they know is a true source of pride. So as we are all so excited to be done with school, I will miss these students who I joke “live with me.” I will miss them racing down to my room every day ready to try again and again. They will always have a place in my heart just like my first group of students from twenty years ago!

Now we take a breathe, regroup then come September it’s back to A apple a and I itch I all over again! Time to work on capitalizing simple sentences and spelling the word they… the with a y. Happy end of school year everyone!


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