Eloquent title , I know. When we moved back to Northeastern Pennsylvania almost eight years ago, we knew winters were going to be tough. Growing up here as a child, I dreamed of escaping to a warmer climate. In the end, I realized there’s joy in four seasons. Winters in New Jersey were mostly mild. In Northeastern Pa, it can turn pretty cold in November and continue right through April. Early on we wanted to make sure that winter did not put us down in the dumps and stuck in the house.

So we made an investment in winter. We got the kids ski lessons and invested in gear. We taught them to ice skate and have enjoyed pond skating most of all. In winter when the snow falls it stays. This means having a sledding hill in our front and back yards has led to many sledding days right at home with friends. Hot chocolate is always on hand, the wood stove is always assuring the indoors will warm everyone up immediately.

Investing in gear is essential! Even adults need snow pants and solid boots. If you accept winter and dare say embrace it, winter can bring joy. We have amazing family memories made on bitter cold days where we have ventured outdoors. Winter can be tough but it can be a lot fun!


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