It had been a very long day at school. I am guessing there was a full moon, Mercury must have been in retrograde, the students all must have been getting sick, and possibly none slept. It was an hour past when I should have been done, but there just was just too much to deal with to walk away. At some point I had to, because I needed to trade roles and go back to being a mom. I took one look at my two children skipping about my classroom and gave them the warning. Don’t even think about fighting, whining, yelling, or complaining. I was done ….even though the next round was just beginning! 

Then home to unpack lunches, repack lunches, dinner, homework, two hours of lacrosse, showers, getting clothes ready for the next day and one solid deep breath.  The alarm was set for 6:00 the next day where I would rush around, get the kids up and mostly ready, babble off a list of instructions to my husband about things they needed to do… practice Rocket Math, pack snacks, fix water bottles, play trumpet… and off again. 

If you are looking for an answer to how to perfectly balance these two worlds, great me too. Let me know when you find one. For now I do my best, with help from a husband who gets the kids off and makes most dinners and my mom who dedicates a day a week to picking up the tornado and making us a dinner. Without that I’d be making good on curling up in a corner and melting down. Instead we go through the motions, come to terms with the fact that our house will never be company ready, and try to enjoy the good days!  


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