Let’s me be honest while parenting is truly the most important and rewarding job of my life…it also be tricky, annoying, and down right exhausting. So this post speaks to those not so stellar parenting moments. 

Would you rather be woken up at 5:00 on a weekday or take a mommy and me toddler swimming class in 60 degree water at the YMCA? 

Would you rather get your hair done by a four year old playing beauty parlor or run into the most put together mom on the block who notices for the second time your rainbow bright manicure done by said 4 year old a week ago? 

Would you rather listen to your emergent reader read their new book from school … word by everlasting word for the fifth time in a night with a smile on your face or watch your six year old perform a “new” dance routine for the tenth time five minutes before lights out? 

Would you rather catch the puke in your bare hands or clean up the puke from the carpet? 

Would you rather clothes shop with your preteen son who doesn’t want to be bothered to try a thing on or your small diva who wants to try everything on? 

Would you rather cook a gourmet meal that is determined to be blech or just give the heck in and make cereal for dinner again? 

Would you rather sleep alone on your floor with a blanket and a pillow or be kicked in the face all night by a tiny three year old who just may be the next Chuck Norris? 

Would you rather do preschool pick up in a rain storm or try to strap an “I am too big for a car seat” three year old in? 

Would you rather shower or poop without someone bothering you? 

Would you rather watch Calliou .. well I guess I can just end things right there. 


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